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CRN Productions would like to invite artists from around the world to the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan to participate in an exchange of ideas, music, dance and culture.  It is an opportunity to meet other creative minds and work together, perform together and document the outcome.

With the involvement of various embassies who are actively hosting artists and musicians throughout the year; and with the support of local Indian artists and international artists who are interested in participating in a cultural exchange; our goal is to create the perfect environment for this meeting of the minds to unfold.

Artists from all mediums are welcome to participate in our workshops, to come and share their expertise with each other and to give performances and/or exhibitions of their work to an audience. Concerts and exhibitions will be arranged in public venues for those who are interested in participating in the fusion of art and music.

CRN Productions is actively seeking out venues and events to promote the artists working with us.  We organize different events for private companies, hotels or any other persons who are looking for new and innovative ways to entertain their clients. Live performances and art exhibitions will help to finance the cultural center; as well as the distribution of CD recordings, books and any other objects of arts.
Our team
photo Roberto Nieddu
Roberto Nieddu
Executive Director
Read about Roberto Nieddu
Roberto is the creative force behind CRN Productions. He has lived in India since 1993 and has been involved in designing and creating his own fusion in architecture and interiors for  over 20 years. Currently he is the Consular Correspondent in Rajasthan for the Italian Embassy in India. With the support of various embassies, he has founded the Centre for Performing Arts in Jodhpur with the goal to bring artists from around the world and blend  them with the local artists of Rajasthan.  As well as making Jodhpur a cultural destination he is giving artists the opportunity to perform at an international level.
Among his other achievements: VJ Home, VJ Home Studio, CRN Design, CRN Travels, Kriter (www.ourcompanies.com).
photo Cathy Nieddu
Cathy Nieddu
Managing Director
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Cathy is one of the founding members of the CRN group of companies.  Her involvement in design
has lead her into many interesting projects creating ambiances which reflect the beauty of India with
a more contemporary feeling.  This fusion of interpretation is the basis for the cultural center.
She has been living in Jodhpur since 1994, working with artisans from around Rajasthan using their skills
and expertise to create designs that can be appreciated by a wider audience.

Among her other achievements: VJ Home, VJ Home Studio, CRN Design, CRN Travels (www.ourcompanies.com)
photo Naresh Chauhan   photo Manohar Jangid
Naresh Chauhan
Assistant Executive Director
  Manohar Jangid
Technical Support
Read about Naresh Chauhan
Chauhan has been working with Roberto Nieddu for the last twelve years, he has been instrumental in helping to build up the different CRN companies. His determination to create a good team of people to work behind the scenes enables us to accomplish anything that we put our minds to.
Read about Manohar Jangid
Manohar has been working for the CRN group of companies since 1998.  He joined our team as a computer assistant and has grown into an expert in the area of computers and technical support. His attention to detail and his desire to be at the forefront of technology brings this project to a highter level.